About Us

Since 1990, PFG Insurance Services has established itself as a premier provider of financial planning services and insurance for families, individuals and businesses throughout Australia. We are easily accessible and offer experienced staff to assist you with your needs.

An agent of Resilium Insurance Broking Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on personalised service and providers of premium insurance products.

We make things Easy!

We’ve built our reputation on the personal level of service that we provide every one of our clients and our ability to make things easy for them. We pride ourselves on helping them with all their questions and providing the appropriate cover to protect your valuable assets.

As we take the journey together our promise to our clients is to be:

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to deal with
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to learn from
  • Easy to get a solution for all your insurance needs

Meet the Team

Frank McLinden

Kathy Boscaglia

Dylan Rodricks

Maggie Raiti

Marcus Mastrolorito

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